Live Will Aims To Preserve Loved Ones' Video Messages On Mobile App

Live Will is preparing to launch a new mobile app that will allow users to record encrypted video messages for their loved ones to watch after they pass. 

Privacy and longevity –– how long the video messages will “live” -- seem to be the key components of Live Will.

Each message has 256-bit encryption, the same as everyday banking apps or other websites. Live Will creators cannot see user footage when it is uploaded, making it viewable only by the selected contacts, who must use face id or a fingerprint. 

Depending on which pricing option the user chooses, videos are saved in Live Will servers from 30 to 50 years. 



In an increasingly digital world, the app is designed to help make the process of announcing a loved one’s death and sharing their chosen messages with others less challenging.

After the app user takes a video, they choose a date, post-mortem, when their loved ones can see it. They then decide, among their list of contacts, who will receive the message.

The Manager and Guardian features give the user the option to assign a specific person(s) who will then report one’s death, starting the process as planned.

“Our mission is for people to overcome the difficulties that life and time may throw at them and to face the future with their families beside them, regardless of the circumstances,” said Edgardo Paso, the company’s creator. 

Fabric, another digital will app launched in 2017, offers users tools to manage their family’s finances. Live Will is more focused on the emotional messaging that takes on great significance with the loss of loved ones.

“Today we have before us an innovation in this market; emotional life insurance –– your digital legacy,” Paso says. “Live Will is revolutionizing the way you think about life insurance.” 

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