McDonald's Super-Sizes Its Food Tray In New Ad

What if McDonald’s next great innovation had nothing to do with food? That’s the conceit of this ad from Belgium showing McD’s surprising customers with a 3-meter (about 10-foot) tray. 

The idea, as the ad explains, is that the fast-food giant’s ubiquitous food tray has always been about “Me, me, me,” but McD’s wants it to be more about “We, we, we.”  

It’s an interesting idea at a time when 55% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, meaning there is still some danger for a large portion of the population to participate in something like this. The ad admits that the tray isn’t practical “but hey, it tastes better being together,” the ad continues. 



The ad, from TBWA\Belgium, takes place in a Brussels McDonald’s. As others have pointed out, the tray is wildly impractical, but, with the public wary of COVID-based isolation and endless lockdowns, perhaps at least some people would welcome the sight of an extra-large food tray.  

Think of it as a trial run for all those Thanksgiving gatherings being planned for next month. 

Pass the ketchup, please.


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