Super Smart TVs Offer More, Redefine What Connected TV Can Do

Executives at Comcast-owned Sky, the European broadcaster, say a new product -- a super TV set -- could become something more “magical,” according to Dana Strong, CEO of Sky.

The product, called Sky Glass, is a broadband-powered TV set with special capabilities, including a key option of putting together program/streaming “playlists,” rather than leaping from app to app on one’s onscreen/smart TV consumer interface.

Much of this comes, in part, as Sky Glass looks to basically replace satellite-delivered TV programming and content that is common in European territories.

Sky does, in fact, already have a streaming service. But according to those involved, it is pretty limited.

On the surface, this may not sound like much. But executives say this continues the current trend of connected/smart TV sets -- without set-top boxes, dongles and other connection accessories. They make it easier for video gaming, video/zoom conference calls, education and other things people already do with screens.



Back to the playlists. A Sky executive returned to a key problem area of current streaming/OTT TV technology and software: program discovery and access.

How hard is it to find TV programming or movies, whether it's content from Sky, Netflix, Disney+, Discovery+ -- without going in and out of an individual app or a streaming service, like Roku and Amazon Fire TV?

All this might be a major breakthrough. These promises aren't new -- especially from new technology and discovery-minded companies displaying their wares at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The new Sky Glass product has a voice-control option -- something Comcast U.S. customers are already familiar with on Comcast own Xfinity set-top-box TV platform through a Xfinity voice remote.

And not to be left out of the mix, recent reports surfaced that Comcast is considering starting its own line of TV sets in the U.S. -- no doubt looking to clean up those set-top-box issues, as well as offering better-connected TV/ streaming connections.

Big players are, or plan to be, in this game. Roku already has co-branded TV sets and Amazon TV sets coming.

We're looking at the future, which Sky suggests is coming. So, yes. Show me the magic.

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