Twitch Streamers Bloodied In Apple TV 'Invasion' Stunt

These days, the most buzz-worthy shows aren’t on network TV, they’re on streaming platforms. But how does a new show on a streaming platform get the word out to potential viewers?

In the case of Apple TV’s new show, Invasion, which starts today, the network opted to invade the feeds of Twitch streamers like Joe SuggxChocoBars and Emiru. In each case, those Twitch streamers are shown suffering from nosebleeds. 



The stunt, created with Apple ad agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab, occurred on Oct. 17 across 16 streams on Twitch. Following the stunt, all of them logged off Twitch for a few hours. 

A takeover later revealed that the event was for the Apple TV show Invasion, which premieres today. Invasion, described by one review as “Independence Day meets Babel,” is about individual dramas across the world related to an alien invasion. 

For Apple TV, which is coming off the close of the network’s popular Ted Lasso, the stunt is enough to make casual viewers consider taking a flyer on the show.


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