Email, First-Party Data Seen As Critical As Cookies Disappear, Brands Say

Brands preparing for the end of the third-party cookie see one possible solution in email, judging by “Life after the third-party cookie,” a study by Lytics, done in conjunction with Sapio.  

Of the companies polled, 51% plan to spend more on email, and many see first-party data as critical to this effort. In general, 92% say first-party data is more important than ever. 

The most popular ways of using first-party data are to:

  • Create personalized content on websites — 56% 
  • Predict customer behavior — 54% 
  • Create more personalized emails — 48% 

Almost half believe the end of third-party cookies will have a great impact on their marketing ROI. This includes 55% of financial-services marketers; 46% of beauty brands, 54% of media companies and 57%. of advertisers with budgets between $10 and $20 million.

Indeed, 86% of the respondents say their digital marketing and advertising are now reliant on them, with 40% saying they are “completely reliant. That includes 52% of retailers, 46% of beauty companies and 43%% of financial services providers. 

But only 16% of smalls businesses are totally reliant. 

Lytics notes that several browsers including Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox now block third-party cookies, and that Google has committed to doing so by 2023.

To counter this, 54% of firms say they will be working more closely with ad-buying agencies to test new technologies. And 57% of C-level marketers agree they will need to learn new systems and software. 

Lytics and Sapio surveyed 250+ senior marketing executives. 





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