Campaign Monitor Overhauls Its Customer Experience

Marketers who use Campaign Monitor to send emails have a new customer experience in-store, thanks to a redesign by the company. 

Campaign Monitor, a CM Group brand, seeks to provide “a modern, flexible design that makes it easier and more fun to send emails,” says Nelly Jacobo, vice president of product management at Campaign Monitor.

The new elements include a streamlined campaign creation process and an assistant that can help identify errors and keep track of necessary approvals and easy-to-use design features that can assist the user in finding the right email template. 

In addition, Campaign Monitor provides smart recommendations to optimize campaigns on auto-pilot. This feature recommends subject lines and lists to use based on prior campaign activity. 



Users of the new offering are more likely to use features such as A/B testing, the company says.

One such client is RTO Insider. In addition, this firms reports that the new experience provides a single view for everything. 



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