ActiveCampaign Freshens Up Its B2B Customer Experience Platform

ActiveCampaign has added several features to its customer experience automation platform (CXA) to help B2B brands create emails and deploy data from various sources.  

The new tools include an email designer with easy formatting that will be released broadly next year. 

The company cites statistics showing that 80% of B2B buyers expect a B2C like experience, a function that the enhanced CXA tool seems designed to provide.  

ActiveCampaign has also added these functions and features:

  • Sales Engagement Automation — This aligns marketing, sales and customer support.
  • Custom objects —  Businesses can use this tool to build and trigger automations from unique customer data from any integrated solution using ActiveCampaign.
  • Pages templates that can help brands create professional landing pages.

The firm is also providing over 250 free email templates, with code built in. 



Last month, ActiveCampaign released Sales Engagement Automation, a solution that allows brands to send one-to-one sales emails from their preferred email provider, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and iCloud, next to emails in broader marketing campaigns.

Bunzl, an industrial supplies retailer, has boosted its open rates by 10% by segment its customers across data points from its tech stack, using ActiveCampaign’s CXA platform. 

“Through recent years, globally, we’ve seen 10 years of digital transformation occur in two months, and this was certainly reflected in our customers’ behavior,” says Fiona Corsie, head of marketing and commerce at Bunzl.  

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