Opera And Google Renew Multiyear Search Agreement

Opera, a Norway-based browser that has had a search agreement with Google since 2001, has inked a multiyear agreement to allow those using its browser to use Google Search.

The browser company said it renewed its agreement based “on substantially similar terms of [a previous] the multiyear commercial agreement.”

Last week, Opera Software released a “stable version” of its web browser Opera. Along with it comes Loomi, the company’s stand-alone online web-streaming service. The service is designed to make the viewing experience more engaging and interactive.

Loomi, in beta, is only available in Poland. Opera Software plans to launch Loomi in other European countries in the near future.

Loomi comes with a free selection of movies supported by advertisements. Users need to sign up for an account to watch these, or sign in with an Opera account.



The feature supports new search options to find content such as filtering by mood, interest, characters, cast, story and other parameters to find content.

Opera in September launched a self-service ad platform powered by DanAds, an ad-tech infrastructure for publishers. It connects brands and advertisers with the hundreds of millions of consumers who actively use the company's desktop and mobile browsers.

Advertisers can create, manage and report on digital campaigns. At the time of launch, the minimum spend limit was $100. There are tools for ad placement, budgets, and safety requirements. Advertisers set an objective and a target audience and then upload creative or use the creative builder in the platform.

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