New B2B Email Tool Combines Personalization, Brand Control, Company Says

Salespeople have a new tool for sending personalized emails with the launch of a new product from sales enablement platform Brand Wings. 

The new tool, Campaign Builder, permits “only brand compliant assets to be used in email campaigns while also allowing content customization,” says Jason Kammes, chief revenue officer of Brand Wings.

Kammes says most products in this space lack the element of brand control. 

“Those other programs allow users to upload nearly any logo, image, or digital asset into the email template, regardless of whether those assets are brand compliant,” Kammes says. 

In contrast, the Brand Wings portal administrator builds a template that automatically loads the brand’s correct logo and other digital assets, the company says. Merge tags in the template personalize content using brand guidelines. 

Sales teams can access the template to send email campaigns while benefitting from these features, the firm says, with the following features:



- One-to-one asset personalization that allows brands to customize PDF, PowerPoint or Word templates according to defined business rules.

- Analytics that show clicks, downloads, bounces and unsubscribes when a sales rep sends a campaign.  

- Brand asset management in one central location.

Kammes claims Campaign Management addresses the historical tradeoff between “user flexibility and brand control.” 


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