Stellantis, Amazon Collaborate To Create 'SmartCockpit,' Electric Delivery Vehicles

Stellantis and Amazon are working together on technology that aims create greener delivery options. 

The automaker has selected Amazon Web Services as its preferred cloud provider for vehicle platforms to deliver on its long-term, software-focused vision. 

Amazon is also set to be the first commercial customer for the new Ram ProMaster battery-electric vehicle in 2023, further expanding Amazon’s sustainable delivery network

Stellantis, with input from Amazon, designed the vehicle with unique last-mile delivery features. Amazon will deploy the vehicles to routes across the United States. Building on the current relationship and as part of the long-term agreement, Stellantis and Amazon will be putting thousands of BEV ProMasters on the road every year. 

Amazon previously said it planned to buy green fleet vehicles from Rivian, a new EV automaker. Both companies issued statements saying that deal remains intact. 



Stellantis and Amazon also are collaborating to deliver software solutions for Stellantis’ new digital cabin platform, STLA SmartCockpit, which will run in millions of Stellantis vehicles globally starting in 2024. 

The software will create personalized in-vehicle experiences through AI-enhanced applications for entertainment, Alexa-enabled voice assistance, navigation, vehicle maintenance, e-commerce marketplaces and payment services.

For example, Chrysler Pacifica vehicles could offer a family-trip planner that recommends media content, points of interest, restaurants and other fun stops along the route. .

Integration with Amazon's smart home and security services will allow customers to proactively monitor and manage their homes while on the go. Stellantis customers will also be able to manage their vehicles from their Alexa-enabled devices at home or their Alexa smartphone app.

The announcement expands on existing areas of collaboration between Stellantis and Amazon. Stellantis was the first automaker to integrate the Amazon Fire TV experience with the release of the all-new 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, and will bring this same in-vehicle entertainment experience to Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica. 

Stellantis was also the first automaker to announce plans to implement Alexa Custom Assistant, a solution which makes it possible to create intelligent AI and voice-driven experiences built on Alexa technology.

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