Netflix Maintains Big Lead In 'Demand Share,' Even As Rivals Gain Ground

Although Netflix competitors keep chipping away at the dominant premium streaming platform, it continues to hold off major competitors.

Parrot Analytics says that when it comes to "demand share" of original content -- where consumers search for specific streaming content -- Netflix had a 45% share in the U.S. for 2021.

This is far ahead of its nearest competitors: Amazon Prime Video (8.8%), Disney+ (8.1%), Hulu (7.3%), Apple TV+ (6.1%), HBO Max (6.0%) and Paramount+ (4.2%).

Parrot notes there is not much difference between Netflix competitors. Just 2.7% separates those in second place versus sixth place.

Netflix witnessed only one-tenth of a percentage decline in the fourth quarter of 2021 (43.6%) from the third quarter of 2021 (43.7%). It credits some new popular programming, such as “Squid Game,” with stemming the decline.



This isn't to say that collectively, Netflix competitors have not seen gains. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the combined share of Apple TV+, Disney+ (3.4%) and HBO Max was a 20.6% share -- up from 10.6% in the second quarter of 2020.

A slightly different picture was seen globally in 2021.

Netflix was at a 47.1% demand share, with Amazon Prime Video in second place at (12.2%), followed by Disney+ (7.4%) and Apple TV+ and Hulu each with a 5.8% share number, then HBO Max (5.0%) and Paramount+ (3.2%).

Parrot says its "demand share" data comes from more than 1.5 billion daily expressions of demand in over 100 languages in more than 200 countries.

Data is gleaned from blog and microblog sites, research sites (Wikipedia, Reddit, etc), review sites (Rotten Tomatoes, newspapers, etc), video sites for trailers (YouTube, etc), streaming and social-media sites.

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