Email Open Rates Hit 21.5% In 2021, Study Finds

Email marketing took twin hits from both Apple’s MPP and COVID-19 in 2021, according to Campaign Monitor’s annual benchmarks report.

Email open rates have increased by 3.5% to 21.5% 2021 as a result of Apple’s MPP, which has changed the way email opens are reported on. 

And email click-through rates decreased by .3% to 2.3% YoY. This was due to a shift in pandemic communications.  

Email click-to-open rates also declined by 3.6% to 10.5%, also largely as a result of MPP.   

The highest open and click rates were seen in the education field: 28.%%, 4.4%, respectively.    

Meanwhile, Saturday and Sunday have the lowest click-through rate: 2.1%. The highest rate is seen on Tuesday: 2.4%. 

The highest click-to-open rate, 10.8%, occurs on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the lowest, 10.1%, on Saturday and Sunday.  

The best day for opens is Monday, with 22%.

Unsubscribes are consistent at 0.1% throughout the week. The highest unsubscribe rate overall was experienced by the wellness & fitness field: 0.4%. Healthcare and the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting business each drew 0.3%. 

“These market forces show that no single metric can ever be a marker for email’s value to an organization,” states  Kalyn New, Senior Director of Product & Customer Marketing at Campaign Monitor.

The 2022 Email Benchmarks Report analyzed over 100 billion emails sent globally by CM Group customers.


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