Darth Vader Vs. SEO: How They Are Alike

It seems the Star Wars character Darth Vader and search engine (SEO) optimization have more in common than some marketers might think.

When Myriam, an SEO professional working at Pragm, a digital marketing agency in Montréal, Québec, tweeted: “What can we say about Star Wars that applies to SEO,” many of the responses were creative and clever.  

She dedicated the tweet to @darth_na.

John Mueller, search advocate at Google, replied: Does data have a soul?”

When Remco Tensen replied to the question, the SEO specialist in the Netherlands wrote: “Greedy controlling overload pretending to do it for the people.”

Tensen also wrote that “a black helmet wearing antagonist/anti-hero who should be given a lot more love, because like Superman, he could save their poor business performance IF they'd use him in the way that they're supposed to (R rated), they just won't see it.”



Several SEO experts compared the two by tweeting about light and darkness, including Jay Worth, a missionary, marketer and all around self-proclaimed dork.

Worth wrote: “There's a light side and a dark side. The light side might seem to cede ground in the short-term, but the dark side always loses in the end!”

Thomas Boyle, product manager for SEO at ResearchGate, wrote: “In a dark place we find ourselves and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

Sometimes it’s not the technology, but rather the pilot, tweeted Lyndon NA, an internet business consultant.  

Either way -- Darth Vader or SEO -- may the force be with you.



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