Email Tops Marketing Uses Of Artificial Intelligence, Study Finds

Email personalization is the top way companies use AI to improve customer satisfaction, according to AI-Powered Language: A New Era Of Enhanced Customer Engagement, a study released Monday by Persado, conducted by Coresight Research. 

Respondents to the survey listed these activities for AI: 

  • Email personalization — 77%
  • AI chatbots — 64.0%
  • Product recommendation — 60.7%
  • Personalized ad targeting — 46.1%
  • Dynamic pricing — 43.8%
  • Better identification of customer segment analysis — 37.1%

In addition, 78.3% say they hold AI accountable for creative development and execution.

Moreover, 78.2% cited the efficient use of first-party data as very or extremely important for AI in digital marketing. Moreover, 86.1% of respondents are already using first-party data for marketing purposes.

Of those polled, 78.2% cite that advanced technologies in digital marketing are very or extremely important for improving the customer experience. And they’re experimenting in these ways: 

  1. Facial and voice recognition — 44.2%
  2. Personalized channel experience — 43.0%
  3. Natural-language processing to generate content — 41.2%
  4. Improved customer segmentation — 35.2%
  5. Real-time offer generations for effective product promotion — 27.9%

In addition, 74.5% agree or strongly agree that using AI helps organizations manage challenges related to offering personalized customer experiences.

And 53.9% are using AI or ML to offer a personalized experience to customers. Only 6.7% do not leverage or plan to leverage these advanced technologies.

Coresight Research surveyed 165 executives in November 2021. 

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