DoubleVerify Bows Fully On-Screen Pre-Bid CTV Targeting

DoubleVerify (DV) has launched a solution that allows pre-bid CTV ad targeting using sources certified as “fully on-screen” by the measurement, data and analytics platform. 

The company developed the certification in 2020 as a Media Ratings Council-accredited post-bid measurement solution, in response to DV’s finding that many CTV media continue to record ad impressions after televisions have been turned off (a problem DV dubbed “TV off”). 

For the certification, DV tests and evaluates leading CTV devices and apps to ensure ads are displayed 100% on-screen and when the TV screen is turned on. 

The new release extends the assurance that inventory is coming only from certified “fully on-screen” CTV sources to the pre-bid environment, or across the full media transaction. 

DV’s fully on-screen pre-bid segments are available on Amobee, MediaMath and Xandr, with more media-buying platform integrations planned, according to the company.



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