Imagine An Ad Pro Who Felt So Moved He Created This Spot For Ukraine

"Last week, as the Ukrainian situation was worsening a trending video caught my attention. It was of a dad saying goodbye to his family as they boarded a train," Austin-based Butter Co. Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jeffrey Butterworth wrote this morning, asking if MediaPost could draw attention to a pro bono spot he created for relief organizations after seeing the video.

"He broke down hugging his young daughter," Butterworth explained, adding, "As the father of three girls, that image has been playing on repeat in my mind ever since."

So Butterworth enlisted in Madison Avenue's equivalent of a Ukraine Volunteer Corps., doing what he does best, and creating a spot -- with no client and no explicit media strategy -- in the hope others would see it and that it would in some way help the cause.



"I know I’m not alone, but as I was thinking of what I can do," he said. "I found myself at my computer writing a script for a video that would help answer a more specific question I was also asking – where should I donate that will help Ukrainians? This is what I came up with."

Butterworth said Butter Co has already donated to each of the relief organizations and hopes others will too.

Imagine Ukraine from jeffrey butterworth on Vimeo.

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