When 'Irish' Brands Are Smiling

St. Patrick’s Day and drinking go hand in hand -- even more so if your alcohol brand has the word “Irish” in its name. In that spirit, here’s a roundup of this year’s promotions from Jameson Irish Whiskey, Roe & Co. Irish Whiskey, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.


Pernod Ricard’s Jameson Irish Whiskey, making up for 2021’s pandemic-limited holiday, has declared a two-day celebration for 2022, referring to March 17 and March 18 as “St. Patrick’s Days.” The brand on Tuesday also launched its first ready-to-drink cocktail, Jameson Ginger & Lime.

"After two years of canceled plans, consumers deserve to celebrate with something extra special this St. Patrick's Day," stated Pamela Forbus, chief marketing officer, Pernod Ricard North America.



Supporting St. Patrick’s Days, Jameson is running a sweepstakes available to all who sign a statement agreeing with Jameson’s declaration of a two-day celebration. At least 2,000 winners will receive $20.22 on March 17 via Venmo, plus $30 for an Uber Eats breakfast on March 18. 

Jameson is also giving $75,000 to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation, and an additional $1, up to $25,000, for everybody who signs the declaration. 

Finally, Jameson has teamed up with Republic National Distributing Company to give away Uber codes to 10,000 people in several markets

Roe & Co

Diageo’s Roe & Co Irish Whiskey will award a three-day trip to Dublin (or $6,000 check) to the winner of a sweepstakes available to all who take an online IrishQ Test about Ireland and the brand’s Dublin distillery. The test and sweeps is being promoted by TV host/comedian Anna Roisman through a paid partnership on her Instagram channel.


Diageo’s Bailey’s Irish Cream has teamed up with New York’s iconic Ess-a-Bagel for a St. Patrick's Day Brunch Boxfeaturing a half-pound of a non-alcoholic cream cheese infused with Baileys flavor. The box, which also includes 12 green bagels, six green and white cookies, a pound of Nova lox, a half-pound additional spread of the customer's choice, a cream cheese spreader, and a bag of Lavazza ¡Tierra! Organic Planet coffee, is available online for $159.95 at  from March 14 through Thursday, March 17, as well as at two Ess-a-Bagel stores in New York.

Bailey’s and Ess-a-Bagel will also open a downtown pop-up (251 Elizabeth St.), on March 17, 19 and 20 featuring complimentary Baileys-infused cream cheese and green bagels and traditional Baileys and Lavazza coffee cocktails.


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