Kyiv-Based Agency Launches Counterattack, Targets Mothers Of Captive Russian Soldiers

Bickerstaff, an independent agency that launched just two years ago in Kyiv, Ukraine, is doing its part to defend its embattled nation, launching a new campaign targeting the mothers of Russian soldiers invading Ukraine.

"The main goal of this video is to call on Russian and Belarusian families to save their captured sons, husbands, brothers," Bickerstaff's Valentyna Polovynka writes in an email sent to MediaPost this morning asking us to publish the video to help draw attention to it.

"These families can find information about their relatives in the Telegram channel 'Find Your Own' or on the website," Polovynka added, noting: "They can also save the lives of those who have not yet gone to the front."

The video embedded above uses real prisoners of the Russian Federation to prove they were captured.

"This message was sent to The Union of the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia," Bickerstaff notes in a press release promoting the video, which it says has been viewed about 500,000 times so far.



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