Caron Treatment Centers Teams With WebMD As Part Of New Campaign

Caron Treatment Centers has launched a new creative campaign purporting to show how its tailored approach to addiction treatment is a more successful model of care than others. The work is from independent agency Allen & Gerritsen.

The agency notes research that reportedly shows Caron’s patients have a 94.4% rate of recovery at 90-days post-treatment, whereas other treatment centers have at least double the relapse rate of Caron in that same time frame.  

The creative work features real Caron alumni sharing their success stories. Sample the work here



 The creative spots will live on Caron’s website and on digital banners and be streamed across a variety of online video, audio, and social platforms, such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  

The A&G team also orchestrated partnerships between Caron and content publishers, like WebMD, to educate researchers on addiction treatment topics such as the science of addiction and mental health. WebMD will allocate a Caron-specific content hub on its site to be populated with resource materials. 

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