Boen Wine's New Virtual Assistant Supplants Terroir Gum

Böen Wines has launched a virtual wine assistant, developed by London-based Internet of Things agency SharpEnd and backed by an ad campaign from creative agency agency Camp + King and its in-house production entity the Content Lab.

The virtual assistant, called "Ask Joe" after winemaker and Böen owner Joe Wagner, can be accessed through a QR code on wine bottle necks or online at

Besides answering consumers’ questions about Böen’s line of chardonnays and pinot noirs, “including those that are conveniently suggested on the homepage,” the Ask Joe Virtual Assistant also offers an interactive wine tasting experience If the user has one of Böen's wines available.

“They can crack open a bottle, pour themselves a glass, and let Joe take them through an exclusive one-on-one wine experience that covers the aroma, palate, and food pairings,” said the brand.



Camp & King has supported the tool’s launch with two 20-second online videos on the Böen Wines website, and its Facebook and Instagram pages.

The first, which ran on April Fool’s Day, announced Böen’s latest product: Terroir Gum. “Are you a fan of dirt?” asked Wagner. If so, we have the right gum for you!”

This was followed the next day by Wagner declaring about the gum, “Tastes like dirt…because it is dirt. We’re just going to stick to wine. Not every Boen innovation is a winner, but this one is: Try our new Ask Joe app."

Böen Wines is no stranger to technological innovations. Three years ago, it worked with SharpEnd and Italian cap maker Guala Closures on a near-field communications (NFC) campaign that allowed consumers to "tap the cap" of bottles to get information about the wine they're thinking of buying.

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