SparkPost Launches Enhanced Competitive Tracker On Salesforce

SparkPost has launched an integrated version of Competitive Tracker, a tool that allows email senders to see competitors’ campaigns that is now available on the app.

Competitive Tracker for Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides insights on “segmentation strategies, campaign deliverability, engagement results, overlap with competing brands, you’re your standing in the industry,” writes Steve McElroy, senior product manager, email analytics at SparkPost, a MessageBird company, in a Monday blog post.

SparkPost’s consumer panel allows tracking and reporting on “every marketing email campaign sent by almost every significant brand so that you can compete more effectively in the inbox and plan ahead for important holidays or seasonal strategies,” McElroy adds. 

Competitive Tracker also provides insights into “competitors’ email journeys – including frequency, tone, and successful strategies,” McElroy says.

The solution also assists in planning for seasonality and market changes.

“Let’s face it, competition in the inbox is fierce,” McElroy adds. “Understanding your own performance is a great first step, but ignoring your competitors can leave you scrambling.”

The company also offers Inbox Traffic for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enabling a firm to track its own campaign performance.



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