Validity Launches Email Platform For Small Businesses

Validity has unveiled a platform for helping small and medium-sized businesses access the data needed for successful email marketing campaigns.

The new product, Everest Elements, is an extension of the company’s Everest platform.

Offered at a lower price point, it is designed for SMBs facing a changing email marketing landscape, including strengthening of filter algorithms by mailbox providers, growing inbox competition and faster decay of email contact lists.  

“With global email volume on the rise and initiatives like Apple’s MPP skewing open and bounce rate data, it’s more difficult than ever to get marketing emails into the inbox and drive conversions,” states Greg Kimball, senior vice president, global head of email solutions at Validity.

Also designed to help small brands compensate for lower budgets and smaller staffs, Everest Elements offers these features: 



- Sender reputation monitoring for seeing see what blocklists, spam traps, and other reputation signals they are hitting.

- Integrated list validations for identifying inaccurate or problematic addresses before mailing them.

- Inbox placement insights by mailbox provider.

- Clients emphasize the importance of inbox placement.

Blumenthal Performing Arts has seen “a massive improvement in our inbox placement, from 50% before we started using Everest to now almost 100% inbox placement," says Robert Schoneman, director of IT at Blumenthal Performing Arts. 


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