Jackson Hewitt Selects ActionIQ For Customer Experience

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services has chosen ActionIQ’s CX Hub as its customer experience provider, with identity resolution being provided by Transunion’s Neustar.  

Jackson Hewitt, which has been a tax preparation provider for over 35 years, hopes to put “an even greater focus on customer-centricity and experiences,” says Suzanne Darmory, Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Creative at Jackson Hewitt Tax Services. 

Darmory adds. “The ActionIQ CX Hub, augmented by Neustar’s identity resolution capabilities, will allow us to better understand our customers and to orchestrate superior experiences across every brand touchpoint.” 

According to ActionIQ, the arrangement will enable Jackson Hewitt to convert anonymous prospects via unknown web traffic into known customers and orchestrate scalable omnichannel customer journeys.



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