Brands Can Mitigate Apple's MPP Impact With Good Email List Hygiene, Validity Says

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) has hurt email marketers by removing the open rate as a metric (at least for Apple users). But it may not be as destructive as many email senders feared, judging by a post last week from Validity.

Marketers can survive MPP by maintaining good list hygiene, Validity says. 

Metrics such as click-through rates are valuable, but they will not solve the problem. 

In addition to Apple’s change, tech giants are cracking down on data collection in other ways-- for instance, Google’s plan to block third-party cookies starting next year, cutting off valuable data points like subscriber shopping interests and frequently visited websites. 

Here are seven ways that email marketers can adapt to MPP (and we quote): 

  1. Use double opt-in (DOI) — This typically entails sending consumers an email after they subscribe, asking that they click a link to complete the process of opting in. 
  2. Incorporate zero-party data — This is data customers willingly share with the brand. It may include personal context such as age, location, purchase interests and communication preferences. 
  3. Promote your preference center — This allows customers to indicate the content that they want to receive, and at what frequency. They can also opt out if they wish to.
  4. Make unsubscribing simple — The best practice is to place an unsubscribe link at the top of every email template. 
  5. Establish a re-engagement series — Research shows 22.5% of subscribers become inactive per year. Ask them if they are still interested in hearing from you, and if they fail to engage, it’s time to remove them from regular mailings.  
  6. Revisit your recency algorithms — In the face of MPP, layering multiple metrics can help senders rebuild their recency algorithms and move away from open rates. This can include last clicked date, last purchase data and zero-party data.  
  7. Reputation monitoring — Keep your eye on spam-trap hits, spam complaint rates and spam folder replacement rates.  



Readers can access the Validity report here. 

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