NY Ad Shop XenoPsi Births Two New Agencies

New York-based independent ad agency XenoPsi is restructuring into two separate agencies that will specialize in D2C and CPG clients. 

XenoPsi, led by CEO MichaelAaron Flicker will remain the parent and Flicker will assume the title of Founder and President of both new entities.  The parent company will oversee investments and support the new agencies with management of shared back-office functions including business strategy, information technology and talent management.  

The new CPG-focused agency is Method1 , which will create marketing systems and develop campaigns designed to elevate brand preference and accelerate business growth. It was recently named agency of record for Lunazul Tequila after a competitive review. Other clients include Evan Williams Bourbon, Larceny Bourbon, Heaven Hill Distillery, DoubleVerify, Lubert Adler Real Estate Funds, Versa Capital Partners, and Wellow. 



Paul Nelson, who recently joined the company from Arnold Worldwide, will oversee the Method1 team of 50 as Managing Director. 

The second new agency has been dubbed Function Growth and will focus on providing strategic guidance and advice to start-up companies and entrepreneurs. 

Kyle Hoffman, who joined XenoPsi last year, will oversee Function Growth’s staff of 30 growth consultants as Director of Growth Strategy. Early clients include Shady Rays, Wellow, Benchmark Insights and Solvasa Beauty.  

Per XenoPsi’s past policy, both agencies will embrace varied remuneration models. These range from equity-and-revenue-shares, to an in-house venture arm that invests in startups that Function Growth develops and brings to market.   

“We have installed proven leaders, and full leadership teams, in both of these companies to better position them to help their client partners grow even faster and to ensure they keep pace with the rapid evolution of their disciplines,” stated Flicker.


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