Phonexa Debuts Tool To Help Brands See Landing Page Friction Points

Marketing automation platform Phonexa has introduced a tool to help brands improve their website conversion rates. 

The new product, HitMetrix, reveals friction points in real time for landing pages or forms, while providing data analytics to improve conversion, the company claims. 

The firm’s suite, which includes seven other automation products, also supports end-to-end lead generation for emails, calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS and accounting, it adds. 

The goal is to streamline the user journey, states Lilit Davtyan, CEO of Phonexa.

"Businesses need to better understand consumer behavior as they build their marketing strategies and budgets around lead generation,” Davtyan adds.  

According to Phonexa , HitMetrix offers these features:

  • Friction Insights & Evaluation, covering click rate, click-error, bounce, speed-browsing, mouse-out, and mobility.
  • Session Replay Software, allowing users to track behavior analytics and frequencies to determine if they need fixing.  
  • Heatmaps & Click Tracking, color prisms that identify why scrolling and clicks aren’t converting. 
  • Data visualize—Data analytics that allow brands to move clicking, scrolling and tapping into conversions.

Phonexa’s suite also includes:

  • LMS Sync (lead tracking and distribution)
  • Call Logic (call tracking and distribution) 
  • E-Delivery (email and SMS marketing)
  • Cloud PBX (cloud phone system)
  • Lynx (click tracking)
  • Opt-Intel (suppression list management) 
  • Books360 (automated accounting)


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