Junoco's New Work Celebrates Human Imperfections As Beautiful

Beauty brand Junoco creates products for all skin types. Its mission is sustainability, to only sell products that are kind to the planet and helpful to its users.

And that means redefining the concept of beauty.

Its latest campaign, #To Be Human, recently launched on Instagram with a short video. It’s also running a YouTube short, as well as more clips on Instagram and TikTok.

The Instagram work features various ethnicities, genders and skin types. There was also an IRL activation in San Francisco, the company’s hometown. That effort dovetailed with the launch of two new products.

Junoco’s in-house team is responsible for the creative.

The new campaign's focus is real people accepting real, attainable beauty, rather than making an artificial ideal their metric.



Kyle Jiang, CEO-co-founder, said: “For Junoco, our goal is not just to take the initiative of making sustainability effortless, but also to dive deeper into the conversation of beauty and what it truly means to be human. There is true beauty in human imperfections, but we can’t see this because of our distorted standards. We want to challenge this.”

That meant no stylists or professional lighting for the campaign. Models just used Junoco’s cleansing balm for a month. The work doesn’t focus on flaws, rather it centers on an honest acceptance of how we look, highlighted by the campaign’s out-of-home street posters.


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