OOH Campaign For California Animal Rescue Program

Animal shelters in California are full, so out-of-home agency Billboard Connection has teamed with Start Rescue to launch a statewide campaign to encourage adoption. 

“I was moved and inspired by the work that Start Rescue was doing – literally saving the lives of dogs and cats that would be euthanized in shelters,” said Brian Alexander, principal at Billboard Connection. 

The billboards can be seen on California’s major state and interstate freeways. 

The billboard campaign will deliver over 2 million weekly combined impressions. “The usual cost for these billboards would be over $350,000,” said Steve Spiro, president and co-founder of Start Rescue. “But through Brian's excellent negotiations and the kindness of companies to our nonprofit, our campaign will cost less than $50,000 to bring more awareness to the shelter system and the simple but heartbreaking fact that animal shelters are full and, as a result, dogs and cats are being killed.” 

Spiro tipped his hat to participating media companies including iKahan Media, Bulletin Displays, Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar, Sun Outdoor, and Outfront Media.




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