Parents Plan To Spend An Average Of $1,104 On Back-To-School: Study

Email will play a small but hopefully real role in separating parents from the $1,104 they plan to spend on back-to-school supplies this year, according to a survey by RetailMeNot. .

The top ten places where shoppers will look for deals are:  

  1. In-store while browsing—52%  
  2. Search engines (Google, Bing)—38% 
  3. Brand’s/retailer’s website or app—37%  
  4. Social Media--32%
  5. Cash back websites and apps (RMN, Rakuten)—27% 
  6. Deal websites and apps (RMN, Groupon)—26% 
  7. Offline newspaper articles—16% 
  8. Email newsletters—14% 
  9. Browser extensions, (Deal finder, Honey)—14%
  10. Blogs—7% 

As part of the above purchase total, families plan to spend:

  • $192 on school supplies 
  • $320 on clothes
  • $170 on shoes 
  • $69 on backpacks 
  • $353 on electronics 

In addition, 82% will purchase clothes, 80% shoes, 72% backpacks and 37% electronics. Among all parents, 86% are planning to shop for the back-to-school season. 

Of the families surveyed, 97% say their children are very involved in deciding what to buy. But while 51% of parents are trying to make their kids happy, 36% are focused on items that will improve school performance. 

This year, 61% will shop in-store. 

Parents plan to patronize:

  • Walmart—75%
  • Amazon, 57% 
  • Target, 47%
  • Dollar stores—36% 
  • Clothing stores—35%

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