Baskin-Robbins Debuts Spooky Flavor With IRL Activation In LA

On Oct. 1, Baskin-Robbins will debut its new Flavor of the Month, Spicy 'n Spooky.

Spicy 'n Spooky combines white chocolate ghost pepper-flavored ice cream with dark chocolate ice cream and spicy blood orange flakes.

Agency 22Squared worked with the company to create an IRL activation to engage customers at a Los Angeles store. On Oct. 1, the store will feature a “scream booth” to capture everyone’s first taste of Spicy ‘n Spooky, which will be shared on social media.

Prior to that date, the team used geo-targeted teaser posts to reach people near the store with the booth and engage influencers in the area.

Also, the first 31 customers at the store will also receive a pre-loaded gift card for a year’s worth of free ice cream. For those who don’t live near a store with a booth, they can share their own Spicy ‘n Spooky reaction video on social to secure a promo code for a B-R gift card. The brand will collect and repurpose the content to create reaction montages, scream gifs, review highlights for Baskin-Robbins' Instagram, TikTok and Twitter accounts.



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