Polestar Plans Live-Stream For Launch Event

Polestar will premiere its first SUV during a launch event in Denmark that will be live-streamed globally.

A 20-second teaser video is serving as a placeholder on YouTube. It shows a stark white box sitting on what appears to be a small island.

The event, beginning at 1 p.m. ET on Oct. 12, will feature Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath and Polestar Head of Design Maximilian Missoni.

“We had to ask ourselves: ‘what should a modern SUV look like?’ Polestar 3 defines the SUV for the electric age, and in designing it we addressed some of the fundamentals of the archetype: proportions, stance and aerodynamics,” Ingenlath says in a release.  

The company is calling the Polestar 3 “a powerful, design-led electric performance SUV that appeals to the senses with a distinct shape, while providing excellent driving dynamics.”. 

Technology will allow Polestar 3 to switch between comfort and firm suspension dynamics while adjusting to the road conditions once every two milliseconds.

“It’s this instant ability to transform from a comfortable cruiser to a sharp, agile performance car in less than the blink of an eye that makes Polestar 3 special as an electric performance SUV,” Ingenlath says. “It also benefits from a low center of gravity and wide track for ultimate stability, and an exciting feeling behind the wheel.”

Additional information about Polestar 3 will be shared at the launch event, per the automaker. 

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