JetBlue, Fuzzy Make Flying Easy For Pets And Owners

JetBlue customers with pets are getting extra attention from the airline.

The carrier, teaming with Fuzzy, an online pet health company, will make pet travel easier.

JetBlue customers that book with a pet get a pre-flight Fuzzy membership offer good for a year. That entails 24/7 access to vet through Fuzzy's telehealth platform, vet-curated products for pre- and post-travel needs (anti-anxiety chews, emergency kits), educational tools and the ability to store all pet medical records in one place.

A regular Fuzzy membership is $15/month.JetBlue customers receive savings of nearly 40% on Fuzzy when flying with a pet.

The campaign will run co-branded Fuzzy + jetblue in-flight ads and send emails to all jetBlue customers promoting the new partnership.

Fuzzy’s vice president of creative, Danielle Sobel, told Agency Daily: “We recognize the modern pet parents need their pet to be a part of their life’s adventures. And traveling can bring up a host of unknowns. JetBlue's dedication to their customer experience paired with our expertise in serving the pet parent. It felt like the perfect way to bring peace of mind to travelers anytime, anywhere.”



Alongside customers, jetBlue crew members receive discounts starting this month.

Mariya Stoyanova, director, product development, jetBlue, added: “As a brand committed to customer comfort and providing value, our partnership with Fuzzy helps ensure a seamless journey for customers — both human and four-legged.”

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