Salesforce And Sprinklr Partner To Unify CXM And CRM

Salesforce and Sprinklr have teamed up to help brands gain a full view of their customers.  

Salesforce brings its CRM capability to the table, while Sprinklr brings its customer experience management (CXM) tool. The firms are working with Accenture to identify mutual accounts. 

Sprinklr helps firms determine how customers are engaging with a brand through external channels. The Sprinklr Unififed-CXM pulls in petabytes of structured and unstructured data from customers' engagements on 30+ channels, including phone systems, chat apps, social media platforms, review sites and customer service platforms. 

Salesforce’s CRM helps firms manage leads and interactions within a business.  

The firms claim that together they will enable clients to: 

  • Connect unstructured, unsolicited real-time data to their customer data platform
  • Build better social intelligence into marketing and to product development and customer care 
  • Extract maximum value from technology investments



The firms have worked together to help companies utilize the Salesforce and Sprinklr platforms through integrations. They now can take a unified approach to CXM and CRM. 

“Sprinklr has been helping enterprises gain visibility into customer support issues and contact info through our integration to Salesforce for over five years,” says Doug Balut, senior vice president of global alliances for Sprinklr. “ Now the integration has grown into a partnership.”


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