Samsung: Users 'On The Fence' Will Love Galaxy 4 Phones

Cheil has created a new social campaign for Samsung that suggests once people are introduced to Galaxy phones they jump from Apple to the other side. The tagline: "Time to get off the fence."

Two spots, "Attention" and "Grass is Greener" highlight the company's ongoing theme. Samsung's ads have a history of gently mocking Apple.

Samsung launched its first social-media campaign highlighting its new foldable smartphone devices, Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4, in August via Cheil USA. The effort built on the "Reserve" campaign begun in late July.

The new work acknowledges consumer hesitation about switching brands, while illustrating how effortless a switch can be, once Galaxy's innovations are noted. 

The campaign is running across connected TV, social media and online channels.



“We know that people see their mobile phones as an extension of themselves, and that they become emotionally attached to them, even when they rationally know that there might be something better out there,” said Neo Chung, CEO Cheil Dallas. "This campaign aims to reach those consumers ... and convince them to consider something new.”

Cheil Dallas and McKinney worked on the campaign creative as part of the network’s Cheil Connec+.


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