Ex-Pfizer, ConcertAI Executive Brings Pharmaceutical Expertise To Constellation Agency

Constellation agency, a global SaaS company known for launching campaigns for top automotive brands like BMW and Jaguar, has appointed Melissa Gunn as senior vice president of customer success and strategic partnerships to lead the company’s pharmaceutical division. 

Gunn -- who previously worked as the head of global oncology strategy at Pfizer, as well as senior vice president of customer success at medical research company ConcertAI -- is a seasoned pharmaceutical and technology executive. 

Constellation’s decision to hire Gunn comes at a time when the agency is doubling down on the future of pharmaceutical marketing through its proprietary content software, which the company says is able to generate thousands of targeted, compliant, hyperlocal and personalized ads within seconds. 

Constellation is looking to move beyond work with major automotive companies, hoping to replicate its “automotive playbook” to help sell prescriptions in a regulated, target manner.

Gunn is Asian-American, and will be joining a company that defines itself as diverse and primarily women-led. Fifty-two percent of its employees are women, while 60% of the C-Suite executives are people of color and 43% of the executives are women of color.

In 2022, Constellation opened offices beyond New York in Toronto, Dubai and Seoul. The company was also named the 65th fastest-growing private company in America.

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