Whalar Assembles Ad Platforms For New Creator Measurement Solutions

Whalar, a global creator commerce company, has announced full-funnel measurement solutions for the creator economy, aiming to help brands use the same type of measurement for creator marketing that they currently use for paid media. 

The announcement involves an industry-wide strategic collaboration between Whalar and platforms such as Element Human, GWI, NetBase Quid, Nielsen, Tubular Labs, and VidMob. 

In a recent press release, Whalar expressed its belief that the advertising industry’s current proprietary metrics and formulas can mislead brands by giving them flawed directions in measuring success. 

“Creator content should be measured the same way as all media,” the company stated.



Ultimately, this combination of measurement and audience-targeting platforms aims to do just that, instructing brands how to increase equity and diversify their creator base, identify and quantify the KPIs creators are driving for business, understand the sales volume creators are driving, and build ongoing optimization and media plans to increase efficiency.

“Marketers have always measured what matters, the creator economy is no different,” says Gaz Alushi, president of measurement and analytics at Whalar. “The Creator Economy is here to stay and measurement needs to expand and grow with it to ensure there is rigor in helping the industry understand its effectiveness and impact.”

As of 2022, more than 50 million people contributed to the global creator economy, which is estimated to be worth $104 billion. 

“The power of creators right now is really about their connections with their communities,” Jamie Gutfreund, CMO of Whalar, told Adweek. “And I think this is one of the big things for 2023 that brands are going to have to really understand.”

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