AWS Partners With Avalanche To Guide Widespread Blockchain Adoption

Amazon Web Services (AWS) told TechCrunch on Wednesday that it has partnered with Ava Labs, the company building out the layer-1 blockchain known as Avalanche, which is aiming to help enterprises, institutions and governments adopt blockchain at scale.

Howard Wright, vice president and global head of startups at AWS, says he believes the adoption of web3 and blockchain to be “inevitable” in the near future, although “no one can call the time or date or quarter that it's going to happen.”

The partnership is focused on integrating one-click nodes (computers running blockchain software) to help individuals launch and manage nodes on Avalanche, as well as increasing the network’s strength for developers.

AWS will support Avalanche's infrastructure and decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem through its marketplace, and Ava Labs will join AWS Activate, the program dedicated to helping startups approach its platform.

According to AWS's website, about 25% of all Ethereum workloads in the world run on AWS, which supports all blockchain protocols. However, this marks AWS’ first official partnership with a blockchain.

Ava Labs has also become a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), which allows the firm access to deploy offerings on AWS with over 100,000 partners in over 150 countries.

The partnership's long-term goal is to provide customers with a level of ease and access when using blockchain, which both companies believe will accelerate widespread adoption.

Finally, Ava Labs and AWS are collaborating on events for entrepreneurs and developers, such as the Avalanche Summit, Avalanche Creates, and hackathons to help anyone – technical or non-technical – achieve their goals of building on Avalanche.

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