Toyota, Chevrolet Most-Seen Automotive Brands On TV In 2022

Toyota was the most-seen automaker on TV for the fourth straight year in 2022, growing its share of ad impressions to 10.69%, up from 8.99% in 2021, per

The increase was fueled by tentpole events with significant reach, including the Winter Olympics, NFL, NBA and other sporting events.

Similarly, Chevrolet, in the number two position, increased year-over-year impressions as a result of the Olympics, NFL and MLB.

Chevy, with a 8.74% share of ad impressions, had a particular focus on the All-Star Game and baseball playoffs, which typically deliver more impressions than a regular season game, according to

Overall, TV ad impressions for the year were 302.95 billion, down 13.1% compared to 348.77 billion in 2021.

Part of the overall TV ad impressions decrease also comes from vehicle supply issues affecting some markets differently than others. As a result, many brands opted for fewer local TV ad impressions and more national buys with general market messaging. 



Rounding out the top five brands were Hyundai with 7.90% share of ad impressions, Lexus (7.56%) and Subaru (5.88%).

The most-seen automaker ads in 2022 were Nissan: Today Is Made For Thrill - Why Wait for Tomorrow? (0.86%), Nissan: 60 Years In 60 Seconds (0.85%), Dodge: We Only Do Power (0.80%), Kia: Beachcomber (0.73%) and Subaru: Well Adventured (0.71%).

The biggest TV ad impressions increases among top 15 brands, 2022 vs. 2021 included Hyundai (up 8.34%), Cadillac (up 3.31%) and GMC (up 0.61%), per

Overall, local TV ad impressions accounted for 22.6% of automaker TV ad impressions in 2022 vs. 23.7% in 2021. But the impressions themselves declined 17.3% year-over-year from 82.72 billion to 68.38 billion.

The top programs for automakers by TV ad impressions share of voice in 2022 were the NFL (7.10%), college football (3.78%), men’s college basketball (2.43%), NBA (2.37%) and MLB (1.37%).

The top seven programs for automaker TV ad impressions in 2022 were all sports-related, same as 2021. But that top seven combined for 19.62% of automotive impressions in 2022, versus 17.98% in 2021.

That said, total impressions delivered by some of those top programs also declined year-over-year. NFL games served 10% fewer auto ad impressions year-over-year, while college football dipped by 4% and MLB games dropped by 9.5%, per

Meanwhile, men’s college basketball grew by 14% and the NBA had 11.6% more automaker TV ad impressions year-over-year.

The top networks by share of automaker TV ad impressions in 2022 were NBC (9.01%), CBS (7.14%), ESPN (5.26%), FOX (5.21%) and ABC (4.95%).

Among the top networks for automaker TV ad impressions, NBC and ESPN both showed modest increases by share year-over-year, despite both airing fewer auto ads in 2022. For CBS, over 25% of automotive TV ad impressions were served during NFL games, while the NFL made up 38% on FOX. 

The NBA and college football led the way for ABC, each respectively accounting for more than 16% of automaker TV ad impressions on the network, according to

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