Heinz 57: Using Roman Numerals To Label Super Bowl Games Is Ancient History



Heinz ketchup is taking a pass on advertising during Super Bowl 2023 -- but wants fans to support the sacking of the Roman numerals traditionally used to delineate each big game.

According to Kraft Heinz, Super Bowl LVII actually “Meanz 57”—a nod to the iconic numeral that has adorned the brand’s label for more than 100 years and the tagline of a new campaign.

The message is being disseminated via a commercial and out-of-home advertising because “impractical Roman numerals consistently leave fans vexed and frustrated,” Heinz brand manager Alyssa Cicero said in a news release.

This spot from the Rethink agency depicts passersby being shown the number LVII and asked to explain what it means.



One man pronounces it “livvy” while a woman says “I thought it was military time.”

The OOH placements are running in Chicago and Phoenix—with street-level “wild postings” in Toronto and Vancouver.

On a dedicated website, people can vote whether to expunge Roman numerals from Super Bowl games beyond 2023.

Regardless of how anyone votes, they will be eligible to receive one of 700 limited-edition bottles of Heinz ketchup through Feb. 12—each with an approximate retail value of $4.

According to the website, as of early Monday afternoon 73.51% of voters had chosen “Just say 57!”

Legend has it that H.J. Heinz founder Henry Heinz chose the number 57 because five was his lucky number, and seven was his wife’s.

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