S4 Capital Teases Full-Year 2022 Results

Some companies issue “teasers” of their upcoming Super Bowl spots. S4 Capital has issued a teaser for its upcoming full-year 2022 financial report. 

The firm provided a small glimpse of its financial performance, reporting that it “anticipates” delivering 120 million GBP in operating profits for the period.

The Martin Sorrell-led firm also reports that Q4 revenue was about what the firm expected, while second half organic net revenue growth was in line with the 25% guidance that the firm issued earlier. That’s just slightly lower than the 28% organic growth achieved in the first half.

The company earlier reported net revenue for the first nine months totaled 625 GBP ($732 million) with organic growth of 28%.

S4 has not yet released a date for reporting full-year 2022 results but stated that it “expects” to report them by March 30 “at the latest.” That’s also when the firm will issue guidance on the numbers its hopes to achieve in 2023. 



Last year the company struggled with its financial reporting, delaying the release of its full-year 2021 financial report twice and finally issuing it in May. Sorrell called the delay “unacceptable and embarrassing.” The company spelled out a number of moves it was making to shore up financial controls so that a similar episode would not reoccur.


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