DDB Creates The AI-Powered Uncreative Agency

DDB’s AI tool for advertising is embryonic, but it’s getting attention.

The Uncreative Agency, which DDB says is the world’s first fully automated creative agency, debuted Jan. 27 with a post on LinkedIn.

Thousands of brand marketers and agencies have been testing it out. Two creative proposals are generated every minute.

George Strakhov, Chief Strategy Officer at DDB EMEA and his team at NORD DDB, invites users to submit a simple one-sentence brief that generates a unique creative proposal in minutes – without human interaction or budget.

It’s not agency-worthy output — but  DDB believes machine learning, coupled with real creative talent, has real potential for clients.

Strakhov said: “The knee-jerk reaction from our industry is always to say that AI can never be as creative as a human. But having worked with AI for the past five years, I believe, this view is short-sighted. … Great creativity can be born out of randomness. We just need to work with it."



The goal is that RAND, its newly created dedicated Hybrid Creative Platform, will act as an incubator for generative AI start-ups to augment the real creative process.

Andreas Dahlqvist, Chief Creative Officer of NORD DDB, added: Great ideas and innovation usually happen when two or more known things are mashed up into something new, and AI is great at that if prompted in the right way.”

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