Microsoft Works To Mitigate Global Outlook Failure

Microsoft has resolved a global email outage that hit around midnight Monday. The company reported ton Tuesday afternoon that "everything is up and running."

“Users may be unable to send, receive, or search email within,” Microsoft had said on its service page at 4:04 a.m. Tuesday.

“ functionality such as Calendar APIs consumed by other services such as Microsoft Teams are also affected,” it stated at another point.

In a tweet, the company reported: “We’ve confirmed that a recent change is contributing to the cause of the impact. We’re working on potential solutions to restore availability of the service.”

This prompted one observer to respond: “Every time there is a global outage it's not a power cable pulled or a data center on fire. It it's always a "change." Clearly you aren't running test environments anywhere close to the production environment because these issues would be picked up. What's your roll back SLA?”



Downdetector reports that 68% of users complained about their server connection, 22% about their login and 9% about receiving.

In its early Tuesday status update, Microsoft said: "We're continuing to monitor the service as it recovers, while our mitigation actions take effect. Where we see any unresponsive infrastructure during monitoring, we're taking manual steps to correct this without causing any further impact and to fully restore service."

Microsoft experienced an Outlook outaqe in January, which also affected Teams and Azure, but quickly recovered. Last July, it blamed an outage on a badly performing network router. In June, Outlook was halted by an infrastructure power loss.  

Note: This story has been updated.

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