Brazil's Zenvia Inc. Brings ChatGPT To Brand Messaging Solutions

On Monday, Zenvia -- a Brazilian cloud-based customer experience software -- launched an integration of OpenAI's game-changing chatbot ChatGPT with its mass texting service solution, Zenvia Attraction, aiming to personalize customer relations for its 14,000 clients.

Zenvia is the latest tech company to incorporate large language model (LLM) technology from OpenAI to enhance its services.

Just last week, Microsoft set off a tidal wave in the tech world when it announced the integration of a next-generation LLM from OpenAI that leverages findings from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 on Bing and its Edge browser.

“It's a new day in search,” stated Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Other platforms planning to integrate ChatGPT-like bots include China's largest search engine Baidu, which it says will launch in March, as well as Google's Bard chatbot, and web-browser Opera, which recently announced a feature that will use ChatGPT to create summaries of articles and web pages.

Zenvia, however, is not focused on search.

The company's mass-texting service will use ChatGPT to provide “more assertive message suggestions,” effectively helping companies to connect with their customers across a variety of messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp, email and more.

The company hopes ChatGPT will also provide its customers with further efficiency in communication campaigns, suggesting message content based on their company's name and/or brand and the purpose of the message.

Overall, with ChatGPT automatically generating personalized texts, Zenvia wants ChatGPT to advance sales gains at scale, saving its customers time and effort.

“Knowing how to connect artificial intelligence in an appropriate way to deliver the best customer experience, so that each contact with the brand is positively unique, is one of our main goals,” says Roberto Aran, Zenvia's portfolio director.

Last week, China's largest tech firm Tencent increased its ownership of Zenvia. The company filed a 13G/A form with the SEC disclosing ownership of 3.45 million shares of Zenvia Inc. Class A, representing 19.1% of the company.

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