Twilio CEO Buys Additional Shares Of Stock

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson has purchased 158,081 shares of stock worth roughly $10 million. He now owns 226,397 shares indirectly and 184,032 shares directly. 

The company’s stock shares gained more than 5% after the announcement was made last week. The shares were purchased indirectly through the Lawson Revocable Trust. 

The news follows by less than a month the announcement that Twilio is laying off roughly 17% of its staff.

In addition, Twilio revealed that the company is restructuring into two business units —  Twilio Communications and Twilio Data & Applications — each of which will contain its own sales, R&D and operational resources.  

In February, Twilio reported that it had achieved revenue of $3.83 billion in 2022, a 35% hike over the prior year. That included revenue of $1.02 billion, a 22% increase YoY. 

But the company reported an operating loss of $1.2 billion for the full year, versus $915.6 million for 2021. The fourth quarter saw a $218.6 million loss, compared to $283.6 million in the previous year. 





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