I'll Take an AI-Generated Press Release And Blog Post To Go, Please

Well, here’s every journo’s dream come true. Stagwell is adding features to its Marketing Cloud PRophet product for PR pros that uses AI to crank out press releases faster than you can say “we’re thrilled to announce.” 

To celebrate, the new capability is being unveiled at a SXSW event that will also introduce the world to Stagwell’s new Comms Tech Business Unit within the existing Stagwell Marketing Cloud division. Aaron Kwittken, founder of PRophet has been named CEO of the Comms Tech unit. 

Koalifyed, an influencer campaign management platform, will also be housed in the Comms Tech Business unit. Future products will include AI-powered tools around narrative analysis, combating misinformation and managing brand safety, the company says. 



The press release writing tool, which adapts generative AI functionality currently on the market, has been dubbed “Taylor.”   

It can generate a press release in two minutes. And you thought your inboxes were clogged now—just wait! It can also write blog and social posts for Facebook, Twitter and other social media. 

And here’s a feature newshounds are just going to be over the moon about: Taylor will personalize pitches to specific journalists by scraping and analyzing past coverage and identifying those most likely to be receptive.  

If only it could filter out all the press releases I don’t care about.  

Kwitten says, "Our new generative AI tool significantly uplevels ChatGPT's functionality in a way that will save modern PR and social media professionals significant time when creating content while also improving the mediabilty and receptivity of their storytelling."    

Yes, I have no doubt it will save PR and social media pros time. The more important question is, what about my time? 

And Mediabilty?   Taylor must have made that one up.   

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