Cold Email Intros Are A Top B2B Skill Set, Study Finds

Knowing how to send cold emails is one of the top skill sets for B2B sales representatives, judging by The State of Sales Productivity, a study by Mindtickle. 

For business-development representatives, cold email intros are a leading use case for written practice. Post-discovery call recaps also rate highly. 

The study reports that 30%-40% of practice exercises are written role-plays. “A significant portion of a seller’s job involves producing compelling copy that drives urgency and agreement among buyers, be it in the form of emails, social media messages, cell phone texts, or business proposals,” the study notes. 

However, the study reveals some challenges in bringing B2B salespeople up to speed. 

For one, 60% of sellers will engage with learning content for less than 10 minutes at a time. In addition, 23% of training time takes place outside of normal working hours.

The study recommends quick updates on Sunday evening and late-evening email reminders. 

However, Mindtickle reports a doubling of content utilization, driven by popularization of digital sales rooms and maturity of on-demand content libraries. 

Mindtickle analyzed activity from more than one million users, from more than 400 Mindtickle clients. 

The full study is here. 

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