Find The 'O Face': Foria Sponsors Art Treasure Hunt

Image above: Yes, it's Venus, but note the bottle of oil (presumably a lubricant or arousal oil) on the left.

Foria, which markets plant-based pleasure products (such as lubricants) for females, is on a mission to “destigmatize sexual wellness as a foundational part of human health.”

Last time MediaPost checked in with Foria, it was pushing masturbation as a more popular activity than yoga, running and reading.

Assuming then that sexual pleasure is also more popular than art appreciation, a tip of our hat to Foria for its new scavenger hunt -- which focuses on the Brooklyn Museum and other art locations.

Kicking off March 9, and running through the end of the month, the contest challenges consumers to search for expressions of pleasure (or “O-Faces”) in art --whether in a museum, wall mural, sculpture garden or even local café.



The Brooklyn Museum was chosen as a focus “because it has an emphasis on feminist art,” Foria’s chief marketing officer Liz Dolinski tells Marketing Daily.

While not hooking up officially with the institution, Foria did hold a private event there this week to celebrate International Women’s Day. (The brand also marked the occasion with a 19.98% off online purchases, due to “1998 being the year the anatomy of the clitoris was discovered.)

The museum event featured a tour of “works of art, both ancient and contemporary, that feature thought-provoking expressions of female pleasure and power,” Dolinski explains.

For scavenger hunters going to the Brooklyn Museum, Foria has also created a digital guide to this art.

The contest asks consumers, in Brooklyn or not, to find and take a photo or video of four pieces of art: one showing a woman with an O-Face; one showing two couples with O-Faces; one showing someone “who looks like they’ve just used Foria’s cult-favorite arousal oil, Awaken; and one showing “the female gaze (a woman looking directly at the painter/camera).”

The next step is to post Foria-tagged photos or videos on Instagram or submit them through a website form.

The grand prize winner will receive a one-year supply of Foria’s Awaken and Sex Oils.Five others will get both a $100 Foria gift card  and a membership worth up to $100 to a local museum of choice.

The national contest and the Brooklyn Museum guide are being promoted to consumers via Foria social media platforms, website and email newsletter.

RVD Communications worked on the scavenger hunt and event activation,

In addition to D2C, Foria products are available from such retail stores such as Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Madewell and Saks Fifth Avenue.\

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