'Spokesbeast' Sasquatch Unleashes Chaos In New Jack Link's Campaign



All you need to do to unleash your inner Sasquatch is eat beef snacks.

Specifically, Jack Link’s beef sticks and jerky, because the brand has used a Sasquatch—also known as the mythical Bigfoot creature—as its “spokesbeast” since 2006.

Now Jack Link’s has unleashed Sasquatch in one of its weirdest and wildest campaigns to date.

It’s called “Feed Your Wild Side” and comes to life in two commercials from the Fallon agency that will launch during this week’s kickoff of the March Madness college basketball tournament.

In this spot, a barber tending to two customers bites into a Jack Link’s beef stick and suddenly transforms into Sasquatch—who slices the hair off the top of both customers’ heads simultaneously with a giant chainsaw.



The second commercial opens with a man stepping up to a restroom urinal while munching on jerky as the accompanying voiceover says “We’ve all got a wild side. Feed it with meat!”

Then Sasquatch emerges from his back but, instead of wielding a chainsaw, the beast unleashes a firehose-like stream of urine at another row of urinals—knocking one of them from the wall.

“Sasquatch is a beloved icon for the brand—a spokesbeast that helped grow the brand into what it is today,” Fallon creative director Justin Miller tells Marketing Daily. “His role in ‘Feed Your Wild Side’ is as true today as it was when the initial campaign launched.”

According to Jack Link’s, one goal of the campaign is to introduce younger consumers to the brand, which launched in 1986.


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