BlueMoon LightSky Ale Lightly Serious About Flavor


Molson Coors is using a lighthearted approach to winning younger beer drinkers with a new campaign for 95-calorie Blue Moon LightSky wheat ale.

It’s part of the spirits company’s strategy over the past several years of investing more behind core brands Miller Lite, Coors Light and premium brand Blue Moon.

Flavor is the main focus of the Blue Moon LightSky campaign dubbed “Serious on Flavor. Light on Serious,” with creative celebrating warm weather and outdoor drinking occasions.

In this commercial, two men shown from the waist up and seemingly dressed for a golf outing discuss their taste impressions while drinking LightSky Citrus Wheat.

“Am I picking up a hint of citrus on the palate?” one asks the other.

“Yeah, light and effervescent,” is the response.



As the camera pulls back, it turns out the duo are wearing shorts and sandals while playing a single-hole miniature golf game in someone’s backyard.

The creative is intended to depict LightSky as “serious about flavor without taking itself too seriously,” Blue Moon senior marketing manager Rose Sokolnik said in a blog post last week.

Brewed with real tangerine peel, Azacca hops and containing 3.6 grams of carbohydrates and 4% alcohol by volume, Blue Moon LightSky was launched in February of 2020.

According to Molson Coors, it’s since become the #1 U.S. light beer brand.

In this year’s Super Bowl, the company leveraged the end of Anheuser-Busch’s advertising monopoly with an ad that promoted Miller Lite, Coors Light and—in the 60-second spot’s final three seconds—a brief glimpse of the Blue Moon brand.

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