B2B Sellers Should Include Financial Data In Emails, Not Sound Robotic: Study

B2B buyers are far from pleased with the emails being sent to them by sellers, according to a study by Databook.  

Of buyers recently surveyed, 66% feel the emails they are getting are too robotic, 37% strongly so. At the same time, 57% of sellers worry that tools that automate sales outreach make their messages seem “less human.” 

Sellers might try providing more financial data and increasing their own knowledge, but not many are. 

Only 23% have used a 10-K Annual Report or 10-Q Quarterly Report in the last six months to create outreach emails. 

Still, 81% of sellers agree that understanding a client’s financial performance is imperative when engaging executives. And 72% say they are more successful when they use such financial data.  

In addition, 91% report they are more successful when they can solve complex business problems for potential buyers.

But salespeople face numerous challenges when attempting to achieve these goals.  

The top 3 challenges are: 

  • Sales teams lack the tools to make it easy — 25% 
  • It’s not part of their company sales motions — 31%
  • It’s too time-consuming — 30%

On the buyer’s side, 80% say it is critical for salespeople to understand their company’s financial performance when seeking to engage top executives. And 78% feel it is critical for salespeople to align their sales narratives with their own firm’s strategic business priorities. 

“This study reinforces that B2B sales success depends on speaking to the handful of initiatives that matter most to the C-suite, but this remains difficult to put into practice,” says Anand Shah, CEO of Databook. 

Shah adds: “We believe sellers shouldn't need to be Wall Street analysts to use financial data to show how their solutions tie back to corporate strategies and impact careers and MBOs.

Databook surveyed 800 B2B sellers. In addition, it conducted a recent survey of 250 B2B buyers. 




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